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ITI Publishes Translations of OECD’s Model Tax Convention and Transfer Pricing Guidelines


The International Tax Institute (ITI) has published Portuguese-language translations of the OECD’s Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital and Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Tax Administrations and Multinational Enterprises.

The translation of these internationally-recognized OECD publications represents an important development for the professional tax communities of Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

“In developing and publishing these translations, authorized by the Paris-based OECD, it was critical to prepare high quality, reliable texts for use by government departments, corporations, as well as legal and accounting firms” according to Eric Forsyth Managing Director of ITI. “We worked with Demarest & Almeida Advogados and Ernst & Young Terco in preparing the translations because these firms represent quality and leadership in the international tax market.”

"With the growth of Brazil´s role in the global economy, our international relations have greatly intensified. Tax treaties have become increasingly important to the Brazilian tax community and to local businesses in general. Bringing to Brazil efficient access to OECD's Model Convention and Commentaries represents an important contribution to these communities. Our law firm is delighted to have participated in such an important project, which will enrich Brazil’s international taxation community," said Altamiro Boscoli of Demarest & Almeida whose firm prepared the translation of the OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital.

“This is an important signal to the tax community of Brazil that we need the tools to support our international business growth,” said Gil F. Mendes of Ernst & Young Terco the firm responsible for the translation of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines. “We want more business people and professionals to be aware of the international tax environment in which we are all working.

The titles published by the International Tax Institute:

Modelo de Convenção Tributária sobre o Rendimento e o Capital

Diretrizes da OCDE sobre Preços de Transferência para Empresas Multinacionais e Administrações Fiscais

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For more information please contact:

Eric Forsyth, International Tax Institute (eforsyth@itinet.org)
Eugenio Carlos Deliberato, Demarest & Almeida Advogados (edeliberato@demarest.com.br)
Alexandre Almeida, Ernst & Young Terco (alexandre.almeida@br.ey.com)