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About Us

Always the Right Answer

At the International Tax Institute (ITI) we have one simple goal: to help our clients maintain leadership in the field of international taxation, by providing consistently superior answers to their information and education needs. To ensure ITI is always the right answer for our clients - both at home and across the globe - we offer a total solution of exceptional products and services in:

Research - Education - Information Services

With ongoing access to this broad spectrum of authoritative answers, our clients can make better quality tax planning and compliance decisions, save money and reduce risk. Many services are available 24 x 7 online.

Always The Right Resources

Delivering superior answers clearly requires exceptional standards on our part, which we proudly uphold. The expertise and authority of our international team is matched only by the innovative quality of our products and technology. In our view, the best is nothing less than our clients deserve.

The Right Answer For All Your Needs

In today's world, national and international regulations, tax systems and treatments are continually changing. To maintain leadership in the field, organizations require timely, reliable access to the most up-to-date information on a broad range of taxation and related issues.

This is why so many leading international tax and law firms, industry associations, government departments and multinational corporations are turning to ITI. Whether their need is for timely answers to questions or for extensive, in-depth knowledge, they know our experienced research division can be counted on to deliver. Services can include:

  • Information on the tax systems and regulations of virtually any country.
  • Comparative research and analysis
  • Information on the tax treatment of specific transactions.
  • In-depth, commissioned research on the tax legislation of specific countries.
  • Ongoing research and analysis by region, topic or industry

Most organizations recognize that in areas related to international tax, continued education is not a luxury but a necessity. However, for maximum return on investment, it is critical that education is tailored to specific requirements. This is the hallmark of the education division.

Our on-site and online interactive programs are tailored to meet each client's industry needs. Participants gain a thorough and lasting understanding of international tax law principles and concepts - in minimal time - with case studies, innovative tools and substantial materials for ongoing reference use.

Introductory and professional development programs and conferences include:

  • Tax planning and compliance strategies
  • Tax treaty application & interpretation
  • Transfer pricing of tangibles & intangibles
  • Taxation of e-commerce
  • International outsourcing
  • Value added tax
  • International taxation of expatriates
  • Double tax relief
  • Tax aspects of permanent establishments

Ongoing access to up-to-date, authoritative news and reference sources is mission-critical for international tax advisors. To ensure our clients are armed with the very latest and best information, the International Tax Instiutute engages highly respected authors, who are authorities in their fields.

We are also proud to partner with other respected organizations, distributing their works to the international tax community.

The International Tax Institute currently publishes and distributes books, journals, newsletters, CD-ROMs and online works on a full range of topics including:

  • International tax news
  • Regional data and analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Tax treaties
  • Transfer pricing
  • Value added tax